How do casino slots work?

We’ve all been there. You’re playing a game for fun on an online casino and we win quite a few times. Then we decide to put money in our account, play the same game and the results may be good but not as good as when we were playing with fun money. Then we complain and all we’re told is that the outcomes are random.

How do casino slots work - insider information

How do casino slots work – Are they random?

One wonders how do casino slots work? Are they fair? Are they really random? Well, they are. They are programmed to give a standard average RTP (Return to Player). The percentage is usually very high – over 97% – which means in simple words that for every $100 played, the casino will cash in 3$ and then give out $97 in overall winnings. This is checked on and audited legally but the player pool is so huge that you can’t experience it first hand.

How are casino slots winnings given out?

Let’s go back to RTP. What that means is that the casino gives out $97 out of those $100 but what happens is that it will be spread out into 10 small winnings of $1 each, 2 juicier catches at $20 each and that one player who nails down the combination that earns him $47 at one go. So rest assured, it’s all fair – you just need to land that combination!